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Support Groups for Sex Addiction

12-Step Groups

Your best bet for getting good information about 12-step meeetings in your area is to contact the national groups; they all have information for this purpose. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with specific help or meetings in cities than Washington, DC. I have included the local DC phone numbers here.


Fortunately, there are 12-step meetings for sex addicts and their partners just as there are for other addictions. The list below gives a brief description of the programs, their focus and attendance. The national telephone numbers can also provide specific meeting information in various cities. I have also included the local numbers for the Washington, DC, metro area.


  • S.A.A. - Sex Addicts Anonymous: National 12-step program encourages participants to define their sexual sobriety through the boundaries of a "Sex Plan" which is evolved by working with other recovering members. Population is mixed, primarily men, both homosexual and heterosexual with some female attendance.
  • S.C.A. - Sexual Compulsives Anonymous: 12-step program found in major urban areas nationally. Primarily attended by gay and bisexual men and some women. Participants define their sexual sobriety through the boundaries of a "Sex Plan" which is evolved by working with other recovering members. Has a program for partners of sexual addicts.
  • S.L.A.A. - Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous: National 12 step program focused on addictive sexual and romantic relationships. Helpful for people who consistently involve themselves in abusive, non-nurturing relationships as well as sexual addicts. This program tends to attract more mixed male/female group.
  • S.A. - Sexaholics Anonymous: National 12 step program which employs the most restricted definition of sexual recovery. Sobriety is defined as "No sexual behavior outside of a committed (heterosexual) marital relationship." Population is primarily heterosexual men, some women do attend. Has a program for spouses of sexual addicts and offenders called S-Anon.
  • S.R.A. - Sexual Recovery Anonymous: Sobriety includes "freedom from sex outside a mutually committed relationship." Population is primarily men, both gay and straight with some female attendance.

Groups for couples, spouses, partners, and family members

The following 12-Step fellowships are for friends and family of sexual compulsives, or for couples. Also, I have written a page here with information and recommendations for the partners and spouses of sex addicts.


  • R.C.A. - Recovering Couples Anonymous: A 12-step program that helps partners who are addicts or co-addicts on issues of commitment, intimacy and mutual recovery, with a focus on improving the significant-other bond. All couples, married, non-married, gay and straight, are welcome.
  • COSA - A recovery program for men and women whose lives have been affected by someone else's sexual behavior.
  • S-ANON and S-Ateen - S-Anon is a program of recovery for those who have been affected by someone else's sexual behavior, while¬†S-Ateen is a similar program for teenagers (with additional adult guidance).

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