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Sample of Works Edited

American Foreign Policy Since World War II (Spanier/Hook, CQ Press--four editions)

The American Presidency (Milkis/Nelson, CQ Press)

Asian Americans and Politics (Chang, Woodrow Wilson International Center)

China and the WTO: Accession, Policy Reform, and Poverty Reduction (Martin, World Bank)

Combating Terrorism: Strategies and Approaches (Banks et al., CQ Press)

Constructed Wetlands: A Promising Wastewater Treatment System for Small Localities: Experiences from Latin America (World Bank)

CQ’s Desk Reference on the Presidency (Wetterau, CQ Press)

Dam Removal Research: Status and Prospects (H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics and the Environment)

Games Nations Play (Spanier, CQ Press--two editions)

Governing by Consent (Bibby, CQ Press--two editions)

Guide to Political Campaigns in America (Herrnson, CQ Press)

East Asia Integrates (Krumm and Kharas, World Bank)

Interest Group Politics (Cigler/Loomis, CQ Press)

Land Policies and Their Outcomes (Ingram and Hong, eds., Lincoln Institute for Land Policy)

Logic of American Politics (Kernell/Jacobson, CQ Press)

Marshaling Technology for Development: Proceedings of a Symposium (U.S. National Academies–World Bank)

Mobilizing Science-Based Enterprises for Energy, Water, and Medicines in Nigeria (U.S. National Academies)

Moving People to Deliver Services: Labor Mobility and the WTO (World Bank)

NAFTA’s Institutions: Their Environmental Potential and Performance (Commission for Environmental Cooperation)

North American Environmental Compliance and Environmental Cooperation on Trade Issues (Commission for Environmental Cooperation)

A North American Perspective on the Illegal Trade in Wildlife (Commission for Environmental Cooperation)

Polling and the Public (Asher, CQ Press--two editions)

Population and Land Use in China, India, and the United States (U.S. National Academies)

The Presidency and Domestic Policy (Lammers/Genovese, CQ Press)

Reporting on the State of the North American Environment (Commission for Environmental Cooperation)

A Rwandan Retrospective: Developing an Intervention Option (Carnegie Commission for Prevention of Deadly Conflict)

Science and Technology Indicators of Indonesia 1993 (U.S. National Academies)

Soft Power and Its Perils: U.S. Cultural Policy in Early Postwar Japan and Permanent Dependency (Matsuda, Woodrow Wilson International Center)

Speaking of Washington (Moore, CQ Press)

State Legislative Elections (Barone/Lilley/DeFranco, CQ Press)

Sustaining Resources in the Gulf of Maine (Commission for Environmental Cooperation)

Training Manual for Customs Officers and Green Customs Training Guide (UN Environmental Programme)

Turkey: Economic Reform and Accession to the European Union (Togan and Hoekman, World Bank)

U.S. Trade Policy (Rothgeb, CQ Press)

The Voting Rights Act: Securing the Ballot (Valelly, CQ Press)

When No Majority Rules (Glennon, CQ Press)

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