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As was the case with the first edition, I had the great fortune to work with a highly talented, knowledgeable, and always good-humored editor, Sabra Bissette Ledent.

-- “Preface,” Governing by Consent: An Introduction  to American Politics, by John F. Bibby (CQ Press) 
The folks at CQ also gave me the best editor they could have chosen, Sabra Bissette Ledent. A North Carolinian living in Quebec, Sabra brought just the right touch of humor and background to the project. She organized and reorganized my random collection of facts into a coherent whole, spotted and filled dozens of omissions, and mercilessly kept me going until we had both achieved a work we could be proud of. My special thanks to Sabra.
-- “Preface,” Speaking of Washington: Facts, Firsts, and Folklore, by John L. Moore (CQ Press)
Special thanks are also due to two individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to this edition: . . . and Sabra Bissette Ledent, whose meticulous attention to detail, skillful editing, mastery of prose, and diplomatic talent in managing two coauthors with sometimes different views contributed enormously to the organization, substance, and readability of this edition.
-- “Preface,” American Foreign Policy Since World War II, 13th ed., by John Spanier and Steven W. Hook (CQ Press)
We are deeply grateful . . . to copyeditor Sabra Bissette Ledent, whose involvement in any book is a surefire guarantee that it will be well and clearly written.
-- “Preface,” Debating the Presidency: Conflicting Perspectives on the American Executive, edited by Richard J. Ellis and Michael Nelson (CQ Press)
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