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Will getting better cost me

an arm and a leg?

Therapy can be expensive, and no one wants to feel like the piggy bank above, suspended in space without support. However, not all therapy is expensive, and in some instances sufficient results can be obtained in relatively few sessions. Of course, major life changes are not going to happen overnight. The results of sexual abuse are going to be far-reaching and recovery from it will take a while. On the other hand, gaining redirection after being laid off from work and becoming depressed may take only a few sessions.


We pay huge amounts of money for a cancer operation, and therapy will cost much less. It can be a very worthwhile investment of time, effort, and money.


If therapy is needed there are things one can do to minimize costs. First of all, involvement in support groups that are free can speed up work in therapy and shorten the number of sessions needed. Support groups are usually well advertised on the internet or may be located by asking a specialist in the area of concern. Phone numbers for some support groups in the Washington, DC area are listed on the pages at this site about 12-step groups for addictions in general and sex addiction, as well as support groups for other issues.


Also, good reading can help the process move forward and may relieve anxiety. Finding a good book may take a bit of searching--ask a professional for a recommendation or look on the internet for recommendations on pages associated with your concern. Several are listed on this site.


Private sources for therapy generally cost more than public sources (clinics). Also, most HMO's and occasionally insurance plans provide only the most basic coverage for psychotherapy, and the individual is left to themselves to find the help they need. As a result, finding a therapist who is experienced in your specific area of concern may save money and bring about better results. Asking friends, physicians, or lawyers for referrals can help. See the page on "How to choose a therapist."


Remember, therapy is an investment in your overall health. Satisfying relationships, professional advancement, and personal health can all be enhanced, depending on the circumstances. Do not underestimate the emotional, financial, and health benefits of a healthy mind. Even expensive therapy may pay for itself over time through eventual job advancement and reduced medical bills. That's not really unusual. However, make sure you are spending your resources on help that is adequately experienced and competent for your needs.