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Words to grow by...


For years I have been collecting sayings, hints, thoughts and strategies for growth. I have a booklet of them I often give to my clients. Finally I started a blog to share them more widely. Take a look!



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  • Unfortunately, I am not able to give personal therapeutic advice over the internet...I would need far more information than I can get through an email, and I do not do psychotherapy in this manner. Most of the time when people write to ask questions about how to handle a situation, I end up suggesting that they contact a therapist in person to discuss the matter.
  • To locate a therapist for yourself read my suggestions here, and ask a doctor, lawyer, or friend for a suggestion. Or follow this link to locate a support group or national professional association in your area of concern that might offer a referral. For help with sex addiction click here and look for a therapist in your area. If you're in the Washington, DC area I may be able to make a suggestion for you, but please email me rather than call, keeping in mind that the internet isn't a secure environment.

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