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Words to grow by...


For years I have been collecting sayings, hints, thoughts and strategies for growth. I have a booklet of them I often give to my clients. Finally I started a blog to share them more widely. Take a look!




Encrypted Email


Privacy: If you wish to send me an encrypted email please use the form below. It is designed to produce an encrypted email that meets the legal requirements for transmitting medical information over the internet. If you are a client of mine and also want to initiate a secure email, either use the form below or request that I send a secure email to you so that you can respond.


Please note: If you email me below you will receive a confirmation email via an email encryption service called Hushmail. It will have instructions about how to read my response if one is needed. Please save it or write down what to do.


If you do not wish to send an encrypted email you may also send a "regular" email that is less complicated, but is not secure in tranmission or storage. The same will be true of my response to you.