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Words to grow by...


For years I have been collecting sayings, hints, thoughts and strategies for growth. I have a booklet of them I often give to my clients. Finally I started a blog to share them more widely. I make it a practice to post a new item each Monday morning at 10AM. Take a look!



About these links


I hope you enjoy the internet resources listed on these pages. I use many resources repeatedly, and there are several reasons for doing so:


  • I have tried to use resources from trusted agencies rather than individuals, because websites from individuals tend to disappear over time and the information contained in them may not stay up to date.
  • I have also tried to spread out the links to a number of good sites to familiarize you with websites that you may grow to like. Many of them are quite good.
  • Listing a site here does not mean that everything in it is good, or that things have not changed since my original decision to list the site. As with most things on the internet, look at more than one place to get a "second", or even third, opinion on important information before accepting it as accurate. I have not read every site completely that is listed here.
  • Do not use information from the internet as a substitute for getting professional help when you need it. Read well, become educated, and then look for someone to help you apply what you read.
  • If a link is broken, or if you have concern about the accuracy or uselfulness of a site listed, by all means drop me an email to let me know. You may save others being disappointed also. Also, if a site is particularly useful either here or elsewhere, let me know that also. Your input helps.
  • If you haven't already read the Terms of Use for this site, please do so.

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